Essence of Presence | Herbal Smoke Blend

Essence of Presence | Herbal Smoke Blend

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Our Essence of Presence Herbal Smoke Blend is handcrafted with organic herbs and natural hemp papers and filters.

To be smoked and enjoyed intentionally in a decadent bathtub, cuddled up with your favorite novel, over morning coffee in the sunshine, ritually with your musings, or socially with friends over a few cocktails in a candlelit bar. 

Mullein is a delightful herb as it burns effortlessly and is a natural expectorant - promoting the discharge of mucus. Chamomile and Lavender invoke a lucid sense of calm. Rose softens and opens the heart. 

Quantity: 12 hand-rolled per reusable tin.

Ingredients: Mullein*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Rose* 

*denotes organic

The Essence of Presence Herbal Smoke Blend is 100% organic.

General Disclaimer: All products from Meadows Haus (WASSERHEXE) are created under the guidance of the classical and well-established principles of herbalism. However, neither the statements made here nor the products we create have been evaluated by the FDA. As always, when first trying a new product, please patch test a small area prior to use in the intended area. The Water Witch Apothecary is not, in any way, responsible or liable for any adverse reactions. By purchasing this product, you assume full liability and agree to this statement. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.